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T-Pro Knee & Elbow Armor

These are not your run-of-the-mill pads. Our knee and elbow armor are made with technical impact material to slow down and disperse impact energy.

$7.50 – $24.50

This item is not currently available. For more information on restocks, limited editions, news and events stay tuned via our newsletter.

Our T-Pro Pads come in two varieties - T-Pro Standard and 3L+. The T-Pro Standard pads feature 5.5mm Forcefield Body Armour®, a technology that optimizes material performance with engineered design to produce the ideal combination of protection, flexibility and comfort. Our 3L+ version features pre-shaped 3-layer Nitrex® protection and a molded matrix with venting to transmit no more than 35kN of force when impact energy is 50 joules.

Note: These units are sold individually and not in pairs.Please also note that the color of the 3L+ might differ from that in the image. The latest batch of 3L+ we received have a yellow contrast in the parts that were previously grey. Updated images are forthcoming.

  • T-Pro Standard: Forcefield Body Armour®
  • 3L+: Nitrex®
  • Advanced Material Originally Used for Motorcycle Racing Armour

  • Fits all Current Production Force 10 Cargo Pant Knee Reinforcement Pockets
  • Repeat Performance Technology
  • Versatile as Elbow Pads
  • Sold in Single Units
  • Imported from the United Kingdom